The outgoing General Secretary (photo), Rev Libias, Boloma, sends us the names of the new office bearers that were elected at their recent Synod Meeting:

Synod Moderator – Rev Aston Galanti

Vice Synod Moderator – Rev Alexander Malemelo

General Secretary – Rev Kingstar Chipata

Deputy General Secretary – Rev Jaredi Mwale

Synod Actuary – Rev Mizeki Mndola

Committee Member – Mr Emmanuel Mavata

Committee Member – Mrs Loice Mbewe

Rev Boloma continues, “In this regard, we shall have an Induction Ceremony for the General Secretary on the 1st of July 2018 at CCAP City Church, at 10:00am.

“As before, we remind you that all official communication with CCAP Synod of Harare should be through the General Secretary using this same email address or his personal email address (

“We continue to cherish the relationship between CCAP Synod of Harare and your organisation/institution.

“May the LORD bless us All.”

We thank God for your good leadership, Rev Libias Boloma. May God bless you.