The first 30 bags of rice are transported to the boat from Pemba to Namau in Northeastern Mozambique.


The Barnabas Fund ( in the United Kingdom is a relief organization with a passion for the church in need and tribulation worldwide. On their website it says, “Barnabas stands alongside our Christian brothers and sisters where they suffer discrimination and persecution by providing aid through our partners on the ground encouraging prayer, telling their untold story and speaking out on their behalf.”

One of their partners is the Reformed Family Forum through whom 10,600 families in need of food due to COVID-19 and other disruptive circumstances could recently be helped. It included:

  • Pemba and Namau in Northeast Mozambique where Alta Coetzee from our Ruvuma partnership ( played a vital role to channel the funds to the missionaries, Johan and Enna Dames ( They used their infrastructure and networks to help refugees in help of food due to the rebel fighting in that area.
  • Zambia, from where the General Secretary of our sister church, the RCZ (, Dr William Zulu e-mailed, “… here we have a success story on the distribution of the first food parcels to seriously hunger affected families in Senazeze district Southern Province, Mfuwe/Kamoto Mambwe district and Lumezi district. The Government has praised the church for this gesture, and it is on record. ”
  • Angola, via our sister church, the IERA (
  • Central Zimbabwe, via our sister church the CCAP Harare (
  • Southern Zimbabwe, via our sister church, the RCZ (

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Food distribution from Pemba to Namau in Northeastern Mozambique








Food distribution in Zambia